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Alex Strangler

Anxiety Rainbow - Keychain

Anxiety Rainbow - Keychain

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❤ Acrylic Keychain
❤ Holographic
❤ Durable material with metal keyring
❤ Size: 2.3"

Back side on Holo keychains has a thin film to keep from scratching and its easy to take off!

A little side note: This design was created with the intention of bringing awareness to the mental health condition and to help destigmatize it. As someone who struggles with anxiety, this design serves as a personal reminder that it's okay to struggle with anxiety and that it's important to acknowledge and address it. By openly displaying the design, I hope to spark conversations about mental health and help others feel less alone in their struggles with anxiety. Ultimately, the design serves as a small but powerful tool to promote acceptance, self-care, and mental wellness. 

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